Pallets, chests, wooden sheets, wooden spacers
and variety of packages

Ennka specializes in delivering of pallets, spacers and unusual packaging, made for individual orders.

Why choose Ennka?

Quality and reliability at affordable price for every wooden package you might need in your industry.

We are a supplier of different kinds of wooden packaging. We supply large as well as medium size companies. Pallets, wooden sheets/spacers, wooden boxes – if you need any of these you should try our products. Our philosophy is to continuously get better and to look for solutions that will drive the cost down and keep your products safe. If any of your products need protection that is made of wood we are na answer.




We can supply you with Euro EPAL pallets, euro sized pallets or any other sized pallets. Pallets can be brand new or used ones – all depending on the needs of our customers. We also have a possibility of supplying pallets at a certain humidity level.

Wooden sheets/spacers

Used mainly for stacking one pallet onto another. Sheets can be delivered in any desirable size and can be built according to the customers’ needs.

Pallete spacers manufactured by Ennka provide the necessary, additional protection for transported goods.


We can supply sideboards made of MDF, chipboards or plywood in any given size. The sideboards can be new or used ones – according to the customers’ needs.

We also specialize in production of any other wooden products such as heavy duty boxes for carrying goods. Please let us know what you need and we will come back with a solution and quotation.

We're waiting for your call.


Our products are


materials suitable for recycling


compliance with norms



Perfect packaging for transporting
your products.

"Pallets offered by Ennka are perfect for transporting goods to our foreign contractors. I higly recommend them !" / Andrew Myszkowski

Jako partner w interesach i producent palet wiemy, że najważniejsze cechy dobrego kontrahenta to elastyczność solidność i szybkość realizacji zamówień naszych klientów. Dlatego zapewniamy szybką wycenę oraz ekspresową odpowiedź na zapytania.

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